La semaine prochaine - le 18 au 26 novembre, 2021

Report cards are coming home on Monday, November 22nd at the end of the school day. This term’s report cards will look differently than what you might have seen in previous years. This is due largely to the extended school closure of the fall. The school district has prepared a document to outline the important differences in these upcoming reports. We encourage you to look them over. Similarly, once your child’s report card comes home, please take a few moments to go through it with them. Celebrating successes is always a great way to start a conversation. Don’t forget to set realistic and achievable goals for them in the coming semester. Thank you very much for staying on top of the school news.

Reminder - No School Friday, November 26th

Please note that there won’t be any school on Friday, November 26th as this is a day in lieu for teachers who will be doing report card conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday after school.

Parent-Teacher Conference Appointments

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday November 23rd and Wednesday the 24th. As with last year, conferences will occur online only and your child’s teacher will provide you with further details on how they will be managing the conference itself (for example, via Google Meets or Zoom). Conferences will run from 4:00 until 7:30 PM both days. You have until 6:00 PM on Monday, November 22nd, in order to book your appointment. If you need help in signing into the system and requesting an appointment, please refer to these instructions.

Pokemon Cards

Our staff have noticed that a number of students are bringing Pokémon cards to school. While many of the students get along well when playing and trading, the staff have noticed that there are a rising number of incidents involving cards. In some jurisdictions, Pokémon (and similar) card games are banned. However, we are hoping to strike a balance for our students by providing them with the following guidelines for trading card games at school:

We have included a link to an article on trading to help you have conversations with your children about exchanging cards with other collectors and players at school. If you would prefer your child not trade cards at school, please make sure they know that. Alternatively, you can ask them to keep their cards at home. We hope you find this information and these suggestions helpful.