Short Term Equipment Loans

By now you will have received a letter from our superintendent Dr. Vaselenak regarding the school closure announced earlier today. We expect that the bulk of the learning activities offered by staff will be done online. Teachers and support staff are hard at work finalizing their plans and their schedules for Thursday morning's start. Classroom teachers will be in touch with you sometime before Wednesday at 4:00 PM to update you on their plans. This initial contact will be by email wherever possible, as that allows teachers to reach the greatest number of families at one time. Please check your inboxes, and also your spam folder in case messages from teachers are misfiled.

As was the case in May, we are offering families the opportunity to borrow chromebooks from the school. We also expect to have access to a limited number of Turbosticks, allowing for Internet access for those families who require it. The period of the loan is the duration of this distance learning period. Families accept full responsibility for the repair or replacement of any equipment that is lost or damaged. There is an initial limit of one device per family, as we are trying to schedule online sessions so that there is no overlap amongst the siblings in a family. If there are enough units, we may be able to allow for more than one unit per family. We won't know this until we start collecting the requests for loans.

If you would like to request a device, please use the link below. We will review the requests daily and will continue to take bookings until our stock of equipment is used up. We will send out our initial confirmation by 4:00 PM on Wednesday September 15th (if not sooner). Pickup will be from 9:00 until noon on Thursday September 16th.

We will also be posting this message directly to our website and Facebook feeds. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding over the next few days as we get things ready for your child's continued learning.

Request your Chromebook (and Turbostick) loan using this link.