Cette Semaine à Sissons - Le 26 au 30 avril, 2021

This week is the last one in April. As of this week, there are only 9 weeks left in school! Students are keeping up the hard work as we try to finish strongly this year. Thank you for keeping up to date with our school news.

School COVID Update
The local community news over the weekend has been a reminder to everyone that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. We continue to expect that our school will remain open, and there aren’t any known or suspected cases within our school. However, teachers are reminding students of our routines and reinforcing the importance of social distancing, masking, and hand hygiene. These measures help to keep everyone safe and we appreciate your help in reminding students of the importance of these measures.

Intentions for Next Year
We are currently planning for the next school year. As part of that planning, we do our best to get an accurate picture of next year's school enrolment. We need your help and are asking families to complete this questionnaire. This information is used for planning only, and does not obligate you to the school or district in any way.

We ask that you complete this questionnaire once for each of your children who is currently enrolled at JH Sissons. We thank you for taking the time to help us plan for next school year. We will continue to collect answers on this form until April 30th, 2021.

Subway Day!
Subway day returns to our school! There will be a subway lunch Thursday, April 22nd. Orders must be submitted no later than 6:00 PM this Tuesday. Thank you very much to Wendy and the PAC for organizing these lunch days.

If you would like to place an order, please use the link below:

Outdoor Days and Puddles
While it has been a little on the cooler side these last few days, warmer temperatures will return, and with them will come the puddles on our school grounds. We do our best to prevent students from playing in them through our supervision routines and also via our daily announcements. However, there are some students who manage to get wet and we have had to make a few phone calls home in the past week or two. Therefore, to save parents a trip to school in the middle of the day, we are recommending that families consider sending their children to school with a second set of clothes (if they think their child might get wet during the day).

Reminder - Lockdown Drill This Week
On Friday, April 30th, both JH Sissons and William McDonald will conduct a simultaneous lockdown drill at 2:15 PM. Unlike for a hold and secure drill, students and staff will be required to remain out of sight for the duration of the exercise. They must remain in place. All interior and exterior doors will be locked. We expect this drill will also take no more than ten minutes.

Prior to any safety drill, teachers will discuss them with students and review expectations. They will also confirm for students that these are practices only and not real emergencies. Your child would also benefit from parents giving them the same message.

Please note that during a lockdown drill, locking the exterior doors means that we will not allow anyone to enter or leave the building. Therefore, when scheduling appointments for your children, we ask you to keep this in mind. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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