Cette Semaine à Sissons - le 5 au 9 avril, 2021

Thank you for staying on top of the weekly Sissons news. We hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend. After a busy week at Camp de Neige, our routine returns to normal.

Camp de Neige
Our 2021 Camp de Neige was a huge success. Students were able to experience the wonderful surroundings of the Ski Club while enjoying a variety of activities including skiing, snowshoeing, and treasure hunts. Thank you very much for your donations of foods and snacks, they were really appreciated by the students. We are looking forward to doing it again next year at the end of March, 2022. We would like to extend a special thank to Mme. Julie for her organization and hard work in bringing together this year’s camp.

Wall Tent Dedication - Friday, April 9th
On Friday, the students in Mme Heidi’s class will represent the entire student body as we hold a Feed the Fire ceremony to dedicate our new wall tent. We had originally planned for this earlier in the year but had to delay due to the weather. The entire ceremony will be held outdoors. While this time, we have to restrict attendance to staff and students, we hope that the time will soon come where we can welcome the entire community to events like these.

PAC Meeting - Wednesday, April 14th
The next PAC meeting will take place next Wednesday at 7:00 PM. As with all the meetings this year, the in-person component will take place in the school’s cafeteria, while those attending online will do so via Zoom. We hope to post draft minutes and an agenda in next week’s Cette Semaine. For those attending via Zoom, please use the information below:


Meeting ID: 895 0317 3024
Passcode: 2667h2

School Naming Committee
The next meeting of the school naming committee will take place on April 15th at 7:00 PM

Community Announcements
We don’t have any community announcements for this week.

School Construction Photo of the Week
This week's construction photo is provided to us courtesy of Allan Shortt.