Cette Semaine à Sissons - le 1er au 5 mars, 2021

Here are our announcements for this week. With two weeks to go before Spring Break, it’s a busy time at our school. Thank you!

Parking Reminder
We have been asked to remind all of our drivers about the procedures for drop-off in the morning and pick-up after school. This reminder is for the bottom three lanes (the ones next to Taylor Road). Please remember that the lane closest to the school building is for short-stay drop-offs only. Students must get out of the passenger side of the car for their own safety, and drivers must remain with their cars. Cars in this lane must move along as soon as possible to ensure there is space for newly-arriving vehicles. The middle lane is for driving through only. No student drop-offs should occur there. Finally the lane to the extreme left (closest to Taylor Road) is for parking. We ask that you do not use it for quick-drop offs. Any students going to the school from this lane must be accompanied by an adult or responsible older sibling. Thank you for keeping our students safe while the traffic flows.

Subway Lunch - Thursday, March 4th
There will be a subway lunch Thursday, February 11th. Orders must be submitted no later than 6:00 PM this Tuesday. If you would like to place an order, please use the link below:


Parent Teacher Conferences (online) - March 9th and 10th
The second term report cards will be sent home at the end of the day on Monday, March 8th. Our parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday March 9th and Wednesday March 10th . They will run from 4:30 to 7:30 each afternoon and evening. As with the first conferences earlier this year, these will be held via Zoom or Google Meet (individual teachers will let you know whichever is the case). As in past years, we are using schoolappointments.com to schedule our get-togethers. Here are some key pieces of information for you:

School Naming Committee - Expressions of Interest/Next Meeting Date
Just under two weeks ago, a group of interested parents, staff and one of our school trustees met in order to begin discussions on the school’s name when we return to our home site (currently set for September, 2022). Those present wondered if there might be any other members of the parent or wider community who might be interested in serving with the group. Therefore, if you are interested in joining the discussions as a member of this committee, please email jhs@yk1.nt.ca and we will forward your name to the committee for further consideration. Everyone who expresses an interest will be considered and contacted once we have finalized the group’s membership.

Originally, the committee was going to next meet on March 1st. We have had to postpone this meeting until after Spring Break, with the next get-together set for Tuesday, March 30th at 7:00 PM.

Spring Break Ski and Snowshoe Rentals
We are pleased to announce the return of our equipment rental program during the upcoming Spring Break. J.H.Sissons School and our PAC volunteers are making the school’s skis and snowshoes available for loan to members of our school community. If you are a Sissons family or staff member, you can request to borrow the equipment for the duration of the holiday season. Here’s how it works:

All funds collected through these donations will be allocated to the maintenance of the existing equipment, and its replacement when it is worn out.

If you have questions, it is best to send them to us by email during these busy times. You can reach us at jhs@yk1.nt.ca. Once again, to place your request, please use the online form found by following this link.

PAC News
The PAC is looking for volunteers to hand out skis for our upcoming Ski Rental Fundraiser. If you are available to help on Thursday, March 11th from 3:30-4:30 or 4:30-5:30, please email jhspac@gmail.com. No ski knowledge/experience is necessary.

Our PAC will also hold its monthly meeting this Wednesday (March 3rd) at 7:00 PM. This month’s meeting will be online only. We have posted the agenda for the coming meeting along with the minutes from the last meeting. If you are interested in joining us, please use the information below:

Meeting ID: 895 0317 3024
Passcode: 2667h2

This Week in CEPA
This week in CEPA we had Mme. Kayla and Mme. Jacqueline’s Kindergarten class in the tent to do some hands-on activities such as sewing, building, and research on animal tracks. Mme. Emma’s grade 1 class celebrated the return of the sunshine by building and hanging sun catchers - made with a pie plate filled with natural objects that are then  frozen in ice. We also finally had weather that permitted us to play outside, and then we warmed up in the tent as the grade ones presented their Yamoria legend with the class, with some bannock to snack on. Mme. Jessica G.’s class was very lucky  to have special guest  Duncan Sangris in to show them how to remove the skin and process a moose head, and also to get an introduction to Dene Games.