Cette Semaine à Sissons - Le 22 au 26 février, 2021

Here are our announcements for this week. There is a lot going on at Sissons, and we appreciate you keeping up with the school news. Thank you!

Short Week
We would like to remind everyone that this is a short week. There is no school for students on Thursday February 25th or Friday February 26th. On these days, teachers will be at professional development.

Pink Shirt Day - February 24th
Our school will participate in Pink Shirt day this Wednesday. The idea of the day isn’t really just to wear a pink shirt. Any item of pink will do! We encourage everyone to put on their pink! As an added incentive, any student wearing pink will have their name entered into a draw for a gift certificate to the Book Cellar here in Yellowknife. Students can also submit a story or piece of artwork related to the day or its theme can also have their names entered. Artwork or stories can be about pink shirts, or about the value of diversity, inclusiveness, and embracing differences within our community. 

Subway Lunch - Thursday, March 4th
Because there is no school on Thursday of this week, the next Subway lunch will be on Thursday, March 4th. Orders must be submitted no later than 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 2nd. If you would like to place an order, please use the link below:


Parent Teacher Conferences (online) - March 9th and 10th
The second term report cards will be sent home at the end of the day on Monday, March 8th. Our parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday March 9th and Wednesday March 10th . They will run from 4:30 to 7:30 each afternoon and evening. As with the first conferences earlier this year, these will be held via Zoom or Google Meet (individual teachers will let you know whichever is the case). As in past years, we are using schoolappointments.com to schedule our get-togethers. Here are some key pieces of information for you:

Spring Break Ski and Snowshoe Rentals
We are pleased to announce the return of our equipment rental program during the upcoming Spring Break. J.H.Sissons School and our PAC volunteers are making the school’s skis and snowshoes available for loan to members of our school community. If you are a Sissons family or staff member, you can request to borrow the equipment for the duration of the holiday season. Here’s how it works:

If you have questions, it is best to send them to us by email during these busy times. You can reach us at jhs@yk1.nt.ca. Once again, to place your request, please use the online form found by following this link.

This Week in CEPA
This week in CEPA kicked off with a fish inquiry with Mme Kayla’s and Mme Jacqueline's kindergarten class. We looked at ways fish are caught and dried traditionally, and then filet a whitefish to look at the different body parts. Mme Emma’s Class did some sewing , and Mme Jasmine and Chrystel's class did some science experiments with shadows. We compared the length  of the student’s shadows at different time intervals. Mme Jess had some lovely weather on Friday so we went for a ski (and tried some hills!) and then rotated through stations - sewing, track identification and tree climbing. 

*A special note looking forward* 

Although we still have snow on the ground, we are already looking forward to the 2021 gardening season! The seeds have been ordered for our plant sale, and we are hoping to collect the following containers to turn into seed starting containers. Specifically we are looking for: 

Plastic Dairyland style sour cream  containers (500 ml)
Large plastic yogurt containers (650 ml) 
Square or rectangular plastic mushroom containers 

Thank you  for your support with our recycled garden project 

Canadian Parents for French - Join now for FREE!
Canadian Parents for French is one of our community partners. They are currently offering free memberships. Please check out the details in their announcement below…

Canadian Parents for French is a nationwide, research-informed, volunteer organization that furthers bilingualism by promoting and creating opportunities to use and learn French for all Canadians. We are an organization driven and led by Northerners, we are proud to support and celebrate all eleven official languages of the NWT.
We work to support students, teachers and families in learning French both inside and outside the classroom. We do this by offering activities and programs that further French language learning, such as our annual public speaking contest Concours d’art oratoire where students can win cash prizes for showing off their French language skills, our new Family Tutoring program where students are matched with certified tutors, or fun family activities like our French Cooking Classes, Walk to the Ice Caves and Nerf Wars.
If you’re interested in getting involved with CPF to access our awesome activities and programs we hope you will consider joining the CPF family as a member, which you can do for free until March 31, 2021 at cpf.ca/en/membership/.