Cette Semaine à Sissons - le 8 au 12 février, 2021

Here are our announcements for this week. Thank you for visiting and getting the latest for our school.

PAC Meeting - Wednesday February 10th
We will be holding our next PAC meeting this Wednesday at 7:00. The in-person meeting will be held in the school cafeteria while the online portion will be held on Zoom.The minutes from last month’s meeting are available for your review, as are the agenda for this week’s meeting.

To connect via Zoom, please use the following information:

Meeting ID: 895 0317 3024
Passcode: 2667h2

Subway Lunch - Thursday, February 11th
There will be a subway lunch Thursday, February 11th. Orders must be submitted no later than 6:00 PM this Tuesday. If you would like to place an order, please use the link below:

Treats for Teachers - Thursday February 11th
The next Treats for Teachers is coming up on Thursday, February 11. If you would like to contribute a snack, treat, or baked good, please sign up here. If you have any questions, please email jhspac@gmail.com. This is a great way to show appreciation for all the hard work our teachers are putting in!
Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten Information Session - Thursday February 11th
We are now starting our planning for next school year. If your child is currently in Junior Kindergarten through Grade Four, you do not need to reregister. We automatically register any existing Sissons students in those grades. If you would like your child to start at Sissons for the 2021-2022 school year, and you are not yet registered, please use the form that is available on the school district’s website (and available from this link). This form does say 2020-2021 but it is equally valid for next school year.
We are holding a parent information session for new prospective families wishing to register their children for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten next year. This session is scheduled for Thursday, February 11th at 7:00 PM, and it will be held online via Zoom. There is no need to sign up in advance. If you have a child that is starting, or you know of someone who hopes to start at Sissons next year, please attend our session using the information below. We look forward to seeing you.


Meeting ID: 850 7108 5386
Passcode: EYMV2N

No School for Students - Friday February 12th
We would like to remind everyone that Friday, February 12th is a report card-writing day. Teachers will be hard at work, but there are no classes for students.

Jordan’s Principle & Inuit Child First Initiatives
Approximately 10% of the JH Sissons students are of indigenious descent, mostly coming from Dene or Inuit backgrounds. As a school, we are exploring the possibility of making applications for funding under Jordan’s Principle and the Inuit Child First Initiative. Since originally posting this information last week, a few families have contacted us to let us know about their indigenous connections.

Both programs operate very similarly. Jordan's Principle makes sure all First Nations children living in Canada can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Funding can help with a wide range of health, social and educational needs. The Inuit Child First Initiative ensures Inuit children have access to the essential government funded health, social and educational products, services and supports they need, when they need them.

Applications under either program can be made by schools, or by families themselves. Prior to making an application on behalf of a child, a school must get the consent of the family. As a first step, we are trying to confirm the names of students who may be eligible for an application. Some students are already identified within our records, while others aren’t. If you believe that your child would qualify but may not be identified within the school records, please contact us to let us know. Also, we are asking families who intend to apply (or have already applied) to let us know. The information you share with us will be kept in the strictest confidence.

For those who are interested, here is some additional information regarding the two programs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call (867-873-3477) or email us (jhs.@yk1.nt.ca)

This Week in CEPA
Another week with below 30 temperatures had us in the tent again, but not with a loss of things to keep us busy and learning! Mme Jacqueline's class had a chance to inquire about moose, caribou, bison and beavers while looking at different animal parts, and shared a legend. Mme Kayla’s kinders had snack in the tent, read a legend and played another big group game. Mme Heidi’s class did some exploration in search of the perfect bannock sticks, use the saws and knives to adjust their size and sharpen them, we started a fire and cooked our bannock outside, and then warmed up in the tent and continued to work on sewing our neck warmers. Mme Jesse's ⅘ students did some science experiments to see what liquids would take the longest to freeze (turns out hot chocolate took the longest out of juice, coca cola, hot water, tea, and room temperature water) The grade ⅘’s also started to sew their neckwarmers. Mme Gabrielle’s and Mme Jessica’s  class explored the furs of the north kit from the Prince of Wales Heritage Center, played some big group games and also had some bannock and cranberries with a story. 

A HUGE thank you to the ski club and the track attack team for coming to pick up our skis to get them all waxed! The kids can’t wait to try out their “fast” skis once the weather warms up!  

*A special note looking forward* 

Although we still have snow on the ground, we are already looking forward to the 2021 gardening season! The seeds have been ordered for our plant sale, and we are hoping to collect the following containers to turn into seed starting containers. Specifically we are looking for: 
Plastic Dairyland style sour cream  containers (500 ml)
Large plastic yogurt containers (650 ml) 
Square or rectangular plastic mushroom containers 

Thank you  for your support with our recycled garden project  .

PAC Seed Sale Fundraiser
The JHS PAC will be selling West Coast Seeds as a fundraiser this year. 40% of profits of seed sales will go directly to PAC to support various activities throughout the year. Please use https://fundraising.westcoastseeds.com/collections/all to order your seeds online with a minimum order of $10. Fundraising sale ends 19 Feb 2021 at which time all orders will be sent to the plant sale organizer who will then distribute individual orders. Tell your friends and family about the sale, they can order seeds too! Thank you for your ongoing support of the JHS PAC!

Reminder - Unscented Products
We would like to remind our parents and community that some of our staff report sensitivities to scented products. We realize that there are far fewer visitors in the building than would normally be expected. But for those of you who do come into the building, we would like to ask that you wear unscented products please.