Cette Semaine à Sissons - le 18 au 22 janvier, 2021

Thank you for checking in with us and staying on top of the Sissons news! Here are our announcements for this week.

New Registrations are Now Open!
We are now starting our planning for next school year. If your child is currently in Junior Kindergarten through Grade Four, you do not need to reregister. We automatically register any existing Sissons students in those grades, and we will ask you to confirm this in late March or early April. If you would like your child to start at Sissons for the 2021-2022 school year, and you are not yet registered, please use the form that is available on the school district’s website (and available from this link). This form does say 2020-2021 but it is equally valid for next school year.

We are holding a parent information session for new prospective families wishing to register their children for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten next year. This session is scheduled for Thursday, February 11th at 7:00 PM, and it will be held online via Zoom. There is no need to sign up in advance. If you have a child that is starting, or you know of someone who hopes to start at Sissons next year, please attend our session using the information below. We look forward to seeing you.


Meeting ID: 850 7108 5386
Passcode: EYMV2N

Subway Lunch Returns
Thanks very much to Wendy C. and the PAC for resuming Subway lunches for our students. We will be sticking to most Thursdays until Spring Break, with orders due at 6:00 PM on Tuesday of the week in which the Subway is planned. For example, the first Subway lunch is this coming Thursday, therefore orders must be in by Tuesday evening. Here is the schedule of planned lunches until Spring Break:

Thurs., Jan 21
Thurs., Jan 28
Thurs., Feb 4
Thurs., Feb 11
Thurs., Feb 18
Thurs., Mar 4
Thurs., Mar 11

All orders are made online at the link below. For everyone’s convenience, we will include this link whenever a Subway lunch is planned in that week. The turn-around time this week is short, so please be sure to get your orders in!


This Week in CEPA
Thank you to Mme Julie for giving us our weekly overview of events in our CEPA program.

This week in CEPA we had our first  (of many!) ski and snowshoe sessions with Mme Jacqueline and Mme Kayla’s Kindergarten students. Mme Jaqueline’s class learned how to click their boots into their bindings by themselves, and also how to fall down - and of course, get back up again without assistance. Mme Kayla’s students got to explore the deeper snow into woods on their snowshoes. All of their time on skis and snowshoes count towards the Walk to Tuk Challenge. Mme Jessica’s Grade 1 class got out on a snowshoe adventure in the deep snow and Mme Jolyanne’s grade two students also had a chance to get out on skis, we practiced keeping our nose over the ski that is gliding, as well as a relay race to have them practice turning corners.

Warm Clothing Initiative
Our school and PAC have implemented an initiative to make sure that students have the right clothes for our winter conditions. For some families, and especially in the current economic climate, we understand that it can be tough to find affordable, good quality winter clothing. Therefore, we have made agreements with our partners Weaver & Devore and Overlander Sports to make sure that those with a need are fitted out for the cold. Interested parents can speak directly with any member of our school’s staff to find out more about this initiative, or they can contact the office directly.

We would like to thank our PAC, Weaver & Devore and Overlander Sports for their collaboration, and to help make sure that our students are safe and warm.

PAC Seed Sale Fundraiser
The JHS PAC will be selling West Coast Seeds as a fundraiser this year. 40% of profits of seed sales will go directly to PAC to support various activities throughout the year. Please use https://fundraising.westcoastseeds.com/collections/all to order your seeds online with a minimum order of $10. Fundraising sale ends 19 Feb 2021 at which time all orders will be sent to the plant sale organizer who will then distribute individual orders. Tell your friends and family about the sale, they can order seeds too! Thank you for your ongoing support of the JHS PAC!