Cette Semaine à Sissons - Le 17 au 20 novembre

We have a number of items to share with you this week, and appreciate you taking the time to read through the full posting. Thank you for staying on top of the Sissons news!


We are very pleased to report that YK1 has managed to remove some of the playground equipment from the old Sissons grounds and move them to William McDonald. The playset in question used to be next to the old school’s front entrance. The work to move the set, build a new containment box (for the sand) and install the equipment has been going on for about two weeks. Earlier today, we received confirmation that the work is complete and the set is ready to use. We very much appreciate the work of the district office and of the YK1 maintenance staff in getting this work completed on behalf of our students.

Thank you very much to our PAC and for the additional parent volunteers in providing treats for teachers last Friday. As you may know, our teachers are hard at work compiling the report cards for our students. These reports will be sent home on Monday, November 23rd. In the meantime, the staff very much appreciated and enjoyed all the treats that were set out for them. They were delicious and even individually wrapped for added safety!

Thank you very much to Kerry for putting this together and providing us with some fantastic photos of our new wall tent, with Mme Julie smiling in her new teaching space!

The Outdoors Committee of JHS PAC would like to thank Steve Reitsma who designed and constructed the new wall tent that is beautifully nested in the forest on the rocks beside the school. Steve embraced this project and worked diligently to engage with teachers, PAC and community partners.
We also would like to thank community partners who generously supported the project:

We would also like to thank staff at JH Sissons and Willam MacDonald for their involvement: Graham, Laura, Jeff Seabrook, Julie, Emma, Heidi, Danica

Thank you to Mme Julie for her work in preparing the weekly CEPA update.

This week in CEPA, the grade one students in Mme Gabrielle’s class spent their first full afternoon outside with the CEPA program!  We talked about the expectations while in our new outdoor classroom, and then had time to have a moment alone in nature, and time to work constructing forts in teams. Once more we are astounded at how the grade one students were able to work together to construct some pretty impressive shelters. 

Mme Heidi’s grade five students were again hard at work loading in wood, and labeling our equipment in our new storage shed, as well as warming up with some hot chocolate and discussion about the arrival of non indigenous people to Canada.

Our parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (November 24th and 25th). They will run from 4:30 to 7:30 each afternoon and evening. This year’s conferences will be held via Zoom or Google Meet (individual teachers will let you know whichever is the case. As in past years, we are using schoolappointments.com to schedule our get-togethers. Here are some key pieces of information for you:

If you are visiting the school or dropping off a child (and parking), please use the designated visitors’ spots and short-term parking lanes. Please do not park in the upper are of the lot nearest to the playgrounds and the school. Those numbered spaces are for the Sissons, William McDonald and École Allain St-Cyr staffs only. Thank you for your help with this.
Please take a few moments to complete this survey from the JHS Parent Advisory Council. It will help the PAC plan activities and events for the upcoming year, and it is an opportunity to communicate any questions or concerns you may have. The survey will remain open until November 30th. 
If the link does not copy properly when you copy and paste the text into the update, here is the link in long form just in case: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePHSQZsaHcGrggMYxDjS_mMpXQ7meRfNDKAml9S9hJAD-Ccg/viewform?usp=sf_link