Subway Hot Lunches!

We are posting this note on behalf of our school's PAC and are very happy to see the return of hot lunches. Thank you very much to our PAC and also our Hot Lunch Coordinator Wendy Campeau for making this service available to students and their families. We will also post reminders about upcoming Hot Lunch days in our weekly 'Cette Semaine' postings.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) now have the Hot Lunches website up and running again for this year's Subway lunch orders.  All parents will need to register again this year, as no information was carried forward from last year.  Instructions are included as an attachment for creating an account, setting up your children, ordering and paying for their Subway orders.  Payment will again be using PayPal - please note that you do NOT require a credit card to use PayPal.

Please bookmark the hot lunch link

The dates for Subway orders for fall 2020 are as follows:

If you have any questions with your order, please contact Laura Reitsma at the main office.


Hot Lunch Parent Letter
Hot Lunch Website Instructions