Cette Semaine - le 8 au 11 septembre, 2020

Now that the first week of school has passed, we are resuming our regular weekly parent newsletter. We call it 'Cette Semaine' which means this week. We try to give our community an overview of what is happening in the school this week, and sometimes a little beyond it, depending on what is happening.

Picture Day!

We will be running Picture Day next Wednesday, September 16th, 2020. Once your child's picture has been taken, they should come home with a form containing additional information, including an identification number. Once you have it, follow the ordering link (mylifetouch.ca) below and enter the number for the next steps in ordering pictures this year. We are also advised that the running of the day itself might be a little different. For more information on how LifeTouch plans to run its photo days, please visit LifeTouch's blog.

Late Arrivals and Early Pick-Ups

Now that we have the experience of our first week, we are learning to adapt to our new routines. We will continue to refine these in order to make sure that we run things as smoothly while keeping everyone safe. We appreciate your patience as we continue to learn together.

Late Arrivals

In a perfect world, everyone arrives at school on-time. This helps your child and the rest of the class get the school day off to a smooth start. Arrival on-time also minimizes disruptions to the classroom once lessons have started. However, should your child arrive late, here are the routines that we ask you to follow:

Early Pick-Up

Should you need to pick up your child early, it is best to let your classroom teacher know in advance (through a handwritten note or email). In this case, here are the routines we ask you to follow when arriving to pick up your child:


Thanks very much and have a great week!!