Our Phone Lines are UP!!!

We are just posting a quick update to our page to let you know that our phone lines are now back up. If you need to call us directly, please dial 867-873-3477. Of course, you are still free to contact us by email at jhs@yk1.nt.ca.

Tomorrow afternoon, at 2:40 PM, there will be a joint fire drill for the elementary and middle school students. Assembly point for elementary students will be in the middle of the upper soccer field.

Normally, we publish our newsletter on our website weekly. If it is a regular week, we post an update on Sunday evening. On a long weekend, the posting usually comes out on Monday evening. We expect that our next messages will be posted on the evening of Monday, September 7th. Of course, if there are important notices to go out in between our regular postings, we will send them out as well.

Before closing, we would like to thank all of our students and community members for their ongoing support and good cheer. You have helped to make this a successful start to our school year.