Additional Start-Up Information

We have just updated our information regarding our school startup. Our original information was posted on August 19th. This has now been updated with our bulletin for August 30th. In addition to this, we are also posting the Territories' COVID screening tools.

One item of note regarding classroom microwaves was mistakenly left off the newsletter. We apologize for the omission. We are still seeking guidance on whether we are able to use a microwave in a classroom to heat student meals. Since we have yet to receive an answer, for the moment microwaves won't be used. We ask that you send your children to school with food that doesn't require heating. As soon as we have a clear idea of what is allowed, we will update you.

Later this evening, we will distribute an information sheet to help teachers manage after-school pick-ups and buses. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow!

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