Classroom Placement Emails - Delays and Corrections

Late yesterday evening, we sent out a series of emails to our parents advising them of their child's classroom placement. In most cases, families have received all of their information for all of their children registered at Sissons. In other cases, information was only received for one of the family's children. In a minority of instances, an email was not received.

We thank our families for emailing us directly to advise us of these different cases. We are working to update the information in our systems and to reply to each one of those messages. There have been delays and we will work throughout the day tomorrow in order to address each individual concern. If you have sent us an email requesting the information without having yet received an answer, we ask for your patience. Each parent will receive a reply. Wherever possible, more information will be given in those replies.

We are confident that for emails received, the name of the teacher is correct. In some cases, the class configuration information (for example, if a class is a Grade 2, or a combined 2/3) may not be correct. To ensure you have accurate information, here is the complete list of classroom teachers, and the configurations for their classes.

Mme. Heidi Boudreau - Grade 5
Mme. Jolyane Cool - Grade 4/5
Mme. Chrystel Souren - Grade 4
Mme. Jasmine Marianayagam - Grade 3/4
Mme. Stéphanie Rondeau - Grade 3
M. Fabien Rioux - Grade 2/3
Mme. Rachell Simmons - Grade 2
Mme. Jessica Bannister - Grade 1
Mme. Gabrielle Demers - Grade 1
Mme. Emma Ambury - Grade 1
Mme. Jacqueline Béland - Kindergarten
Mme. Kayla Rideout - Kindergarten
Mme. Savanah Elaco - Junior Kindergarten
Mme. Jordan Dowe (née Shortt) - Junior Kindergarten

We apologize for the delay in replies and giving you the additional information you have requested, and appreciate your patience.