Cette Semaine à Sissons - Le 10 au 14 février, 2020

Directeur: Mr. Graham Arts (graham.arts@yk1.nt.ca)
Directeur-Adjoint: Jeff McConomy (jeff.mcconomy@yk1.nt.ca)

Changes at Sissons
This past Thursday, we learned that Mme. Sandrine (in the Grade 4 class) has left her position with the YK1 district. We wish Mme. Sandrine all the best in her future pursuits. The school is working very closely with the district in order to find a suitable long-term replacement for the class. In the meantime, I’d like to welcome Mme. Shannon Jennings to the Sissons community and to the Grade 4 Class. Mme. Shannon will work closely with Mme. Rachell and Mme. Danika to support the students in their learning. Thank you very much to all three for working with the students.

CePA - On-the-Land Learning
We had a fun week at CEPA last week!  Highlights included trying fish, tasting bison, and enjoying the snow. 

Next week is looking quite chilly, so we may be spending most of our time doing activities in the wall tent rather than doing activities outside.  However, either way, please send your child dressed for the cold in warm winter clothes.

This week, the following classes have CEPA:

As always, please feel free to get in touch with your child's homeroom teacher or Mme Emma (emma.ambury@yk1.nt.ca) if you have any questions or would like to come visit us during your child's day at CEPA.  We just have a couple of weeks left before the end of this session!

After School Activity Program - Schedule of Upcoming Events
In order to help our families with their planning, we are sharing the upcoming ASAP activities organized by M. Sevigny. For your ease of reference, these will also be added to the school calendar on the front page of the website.

Monthly PAC Report
This month's report from the PAC is available for you to download from this link.

Upcoming Calendar Events
Here is the latest on school events coming up this week and next: