Cette Semaine à Sissons - Le 3 au 7 février, 2020

Directeur: Mr. Graham Arts (graham.arts@yk1.nt.ca)
Directeur-Adjoint: Jeff McConomy (jeff.mcconomy@yk1.nt.ca)

Mme. Stephanie Temporarily Moves to Grade 3
Some of you may be aware that Mme. Shannon has been on an extended leave from her position at Sissons. Our hope had always been that Mme. Shannon would return to resume our teaching duties with the students of the Grade 3 class. We have very much appreciated the efforts of our substitute teachers as they did their best to keep the children's program on track. However, as the leave continues, we have had to make some moves in order to ensure a qualified, certified teacher is in the classroom. Normally, this information would be communicated only to the class affected. However, as this move involves existing staff, we thought it best to share the news with the Sissons community.

Mme. Stephanie Rondeau assume responsibility for the Grade 3 classroom effective Wednesday of this week. Mme. Stephanie will use Monday and Tuesday to familiarize herself with the classroom situation, and to get ready for the full assumption of the teaching duties on Wednesday. Mme. Stephanie is an excellent educator, and currently serves as one of our school’s two program support teachers. She also is an experienced Grade 3 French Immersion teacher. We are fortunate to have her available for this temporary assignment.

Mme. Stephanie will continue with her responsibilities in the Grade 3 class until the start of Spring Break. We are in the final stage of formally hiring a teacher to assume responsibility for the class after Spring Break. While we had hoped to announce the name of the new teacher, there are a  a few more steps to complete before being able to do so. Nevertheless, in order to keep the community up-to-date with the latest information, we thought it best to share this information with you..

CePA - On-the-Land Learning
Last week, we were lucky enough to have lots of parents and grandparents come visit us during CePA - in some classes, we got to see fish being filleted, taste fish and caribou, and learn about search and rescue dogs and how to stay safe in the bush.  We also had the chance to start climbing trees and keep practising our fire-building skills.  Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you would like to come visit us, too - either to share your skills/knowledge, or just to hang out and see what we get up to!

The following classes will be going outside for CePA this week:

Temperatures are looking chilly for the week ahead, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately!

A handy hint: if your child has removable boot liners in their winter boots, please consider removing the liners to dry out the night before CePA.  The liners often get quite damp even just from playing outside during recess every day, and having dry boots really makes a big difference in helping your child's feet stay warm during their day outside. Thanks!

After School Activity Program - Schedule of Upcoming Events
In order to help our families with their planning, we are sharing the upcoming ASAP activities organized by M. Sevigny. For your ease of reference, these will also be added to the school calendar on the front page of the website.

PAC Meeting - Wednesday February 5th
This week's PAC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4th at 7:00 PM in the Music Room. In order to access any minutes and the agenda, we encourage you to visit the PAC Documents directory on our school's website.

Hot Lunch - Thursday February 6th
This Thursday will be our first PAC-hosted hot lunch day. Thank you very much to the PAC for arranging this opportunity for our students. We posted details, including links to instructions, late last week. They are still available if you would like to review them. Please remember that Hot Lunch is also being offered on February 13th and 27th of this month.

Anti-Bullying Presentation - February 7th
On the afternoon of February 7th, we will have Alain Pelletier come to our school and do a bullying-awareness presentation for students in Grades 2 to 5. Alain is a very animated and energetic speaker who uses his presentations to make students aware of the issues surrounding bullying. We look forward to hosting him.

Photo Retakes - Monday, February 10th
Please remember that photo retakes will be on Monday, February 10th. 

STIP Day - No Classes - Friday, February 14th
Friday, February 14th is a STIP Day. There will be no classes for students that day.