PBIS Presentation and Matrix

Good morning everyone! 

Last night, the École J.H.Sissons School PBIS team presented to parents the system that has been in the process of being implemented in our school for the past 3 years, the Positive Behaviour Interventions and Support (PBIS) system or Soutien au comportement positif (SCP). The presentation included some information about the system and its interventions, as well as our school matrix. 

The matrix is a tool that was developed by the school to have common school-wide expectations. Our matrix was first developed in French, as it is the language of the school, then translated into English to better communicate with the parents. All expectations are written in "I" statements to facilitate learning in a second language. These expectations are explicitly taught to the students in order to learn and apply the prosocial behaviours encouraged in our school. 

Please take some time to read this presentation as there is lots of important information. To have a closer look at our school matrix, please click here

Have a great day!