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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed tomorrow morning to help dismantle the rink. Meet us at 10:00am at the back of the school. Pleas...

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Cannabis Information: Parents & Staff

Check out the information for Parents and School Staff regarding cannabis and school. PARENTS: What you need to kn...

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Rockhill Fire Fundraising Dinner

There will be a fundraising dinner to support victims of the devastating Rockhill Fire.   Date: Saturday, Oct...

Semaine en revue 15-19 octobre

Bonjour parents, Here is La semaine en revue. If you have a time to spare on Saturday October 21 at 10:00 am. We a...

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Voting Locations for Election Day

Election Day is coming up! On Monday, October 15, 2018, Yellowknife residents can cast votes for the municipal and schoo...

Semaine en revue- 8 au 12 octobre

Bonsoir, Here is La semaine en revue!

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About Us

Nestled amongst the trees, rocks, and houses lies the growing school of Sissons. École John Howard Sissons is centrally located in this peaceful, small and community-minded city.  École J.H. Sissons school is privileged to accommodate over 347 students in a French Immersion setting from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. In addition, ÉJHS is a member of a larger family of schools within Yellowknife Education District No. 1, or simply YK1, which is the title of the school district. Our graduating students go to École William McDonald for Grade 6 to continue their French Immersion studies, a small middle school which is in walking distance of our school.  

École J.H. Sissons est un centre d’immersion française qui se situe dans une communauté paisible et dynamique de la centre-ville de Yellowknife. Notre école accueille présentement 347 élèves de la pré-maternelle à la cinquième année. École ÉJHS fait partie de la grande famille des écoles à YK1. 


The École J.H. Sissons School is an elementary school which offers the French immersion program to all students. The school is named for former Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories judge, John Howard Sissons.

John Howard Sissons, "Jack," was a lawyer and judge. He was born in Orillia, Ontario July 14, 1892, and he died in Edmonton, Alberta 11 July 1969. As first judge of the Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories (est. 1955), he took "justice to every man's door" by aircraft and dog sled. Sissons practiced law in the Peace River country from 1921 and was Liberal MP for that area 1940-45. He was named a district court judge in southern Alberta in 1946 and was chief judge 1950-55. He traveled 64,000 km in a twice-yearly circuit, holding trials in remote communities. Several of his decisions relating to hunting rights and to native marriage and adoption practices became legal landmarks. His views were not always popular with the bureaucracy, but he became a legend to the native people and was called Ekoktoegee, "the one who listens to things," by the Inuit. He retired in 1966 and wrote his memoirs, Judge of the Far North (1968).



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Our Staff

Administrative Assistant & Finance
Larente, Stéphanie
Simmons, Rachell - Principal
Rivet, Brigitte - Assistant Principal
Hayotte-Rourke, Sylvie
Johnston, Archie
Junior Kindergarten
Elaco, Savanah
Rideout, Kayla
Shortt, Jordan
Teachers - Kindergarten
Béland, Jacqueline
Chamberland, Jessica
Cormier, Sarah - Music
Power, Sarah - English Language Arts
Sévigny, Stéphane - Physical Education
Teachers - Elementary
Bourque, Melanie - Grade 1
Cool, Jolyane - Grade 1
Murphy, Darcey - Grade 1
Boissy, Sophie - Grade 2
Rioux, Fabien - Grade 2
Marianayagam, Jasmine - Grade 3
Souren, Chrystel - Grade 3
Benning, Rosie - Grade 4
Gilbert, Jessica - Grade 4
Boudreau, Heidi - Grade 5
Jobin, Danika - Grade 5

Yellowknife Education District No.1

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