Positive relationships with food, will lead to positive relationships with each other - Author Unknown

Teaching kids positive eating behaviours during childhood can set them up with healthy eating habits for life. Developing a positive relationship with food, as well as a balanced approach to eating, can lead to better feelings of self worth, which in turn lead to a positive view of life.  Healthy eating leads to higher levels of energy, higher academic achievement, and helps students establish more positive relationships with other individuals in their community.

At J.H. Sissons students are taught the value of a healthy balanced diet; whether they are learning to cook for a canoe camping trip, cooking with their parents for a multicultural buffet, or preparing pancakes for the Christmas brunch, they are shown the pleasures that good food and good company can bring.  To view how healthy habits are taught through everything we do at J.H. Sissons click on the posts below.