École JH Sissons’ School is proud to be a Safe & Caring School. Thanks to grants received by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), the school has been able to create activities and infrastructure that will promote a caring environment, free of bullying.This website is a big part of this project and was inspired by the students. Brady Seabrook, a grade 4 student, won the naming competition for the site; he came up with the FRIENDS idea - thanks Brady! Students also made most of the videos that you see on the site.

Another important component of this project was the focus on collaborative and team play. The following local businesses, as well as the Government of the NWT contributed to the purchase and installation of brand-new play structures for the school. The playground was completely redone thanks to the following:


Department of Education, Culture & Employment, GNWT 

Murphy Construction

Pro-Form Concrete

Yellowknife Community Foundation

YK1 School District

Pro-Form Concrete


Thanks also to:

Igloo Building Supplies 

Polar Welding

Department of Municipal & Community Affairs, GNWT

Capital Transit Mix

City of Yellowknife

Sport North/KidSport NWT 

Polar Tech

Ron’s Auto

Thanks also to the following individuals:

Jean-Michel Besquet

Jordan Martin

Stéphane Sévigny

Parents Advisory Committee


The many parents who volunteered!